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Hello, I’m Carl D. Birman, your compassionate fighter. I am a criminal, family and appellate litigation attorney serving the entire NY State community from my headquarters in the Albany-Schenectady Capital area.

I have handled a diverse range of litigation matters over my lengthy career, including domestic violence, other felony and misdemeanor criminal defense, an array of family court issues including child custody and support, and complex appeals brought before the Appellate Divisions of the NYS Supreme Court and the NYS Court of Appeals.

I am admitted to practice in the Federal Courts (EDNY 2005) and all the State Courts (since 2004). This means I’m your go-to lawyer in all town, village, city, county and supreme courts in New York State. I have the breadth of experience to handle matters both Downstate and Upstate, having litigated successfully in venues spanning the geographic gamut of NY from Suffolk on Long Island to Albany, the Finger Lakes, the Mohawk Valley and the Lower Hudson Valley.

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Criminal Defense & Appeals

When your family is dealing with an arrest, the stakes could not be higher. You want a lawyer who fights for the Defendant’s freedom, and for the best possible resolution of the case in light of the actual facts. You want a lawyer who is willing to dig deep, probe the allegations, analyze the forensics, seek out the truth, and secure meaningful justice. I have handled hundreds of complex criminal cases including penal law, misdemeanor and felony matters, VTL violations, drunk driving, complex motion practice, jury/ non-jury trials, appeals to the New York AD/COA, civil disobedience/resistance, and so much more.

If your freedom is on the line, please choose counsel wisely and choose wise counsel. Please call Carl D. Birman today at 518-952-0516.

Family Defense & Appeals

When your family’s future is at stake, you want a compassionate fighter with years upon years of experience in the trenches of NYS family court. Let’s say you need a divorce, or you’re fighting an ex over custody, visitation, child support, paternity, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, etc. When the battle strikes this close to the home and heart, you want a no-nonsense lawyer who is also a compassionate fighter with a lengthy track record fighting the good fight.

I have over 25 years’ experience litigating in family court; ten years experience as a certified attorney for children; and thousands of satisfied clients who can confirm my promise to fight for justice and to fight for YOU!

The initial consultation is always free, so please call 518-952-0516 today.

Appellate Litigation

When you require superior legal representation because your trial attorney did not obtain the outcome you expected and deserved, you must call me. I have handled approximately 85 appeals and I have prevailed on approximately 25 of these matters at the NYS Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals here in Albany. I got my education at Duke (JD 1987) and Columbia (BA 1983) and I have the talent and the passion to tell YOUR story to the appellate court in the most powerful and persuasive manner.

Appellate work is tough. Your lawyer must have a finely honed voice and perspective.

Appellate work is important. Your lawyer must care deeply about the Constitution and about fundamental individual rights.

Appellate work is my passion and my lifeblood. Call me today at 518-952-0516 to discuss your case. The initial consultation is always free!

Disinterment Litigation

When a beloved decedent’s remains must be disinterred from a Catholic cemetery in the NYC Metro area, a Court order is frequently required. I am uniquely situated to guide and represent you if you require this particular type of representation. I have handled approximately 35 disinterment litigations in the Supreme Court of Westchester County and I am available to represent your family from my Albany County, NY office.

When you require legal representation for a disinterment litigation, you should call the Birman Law Office at 518-952-0516. Thank you and God bless your family.

Over 35 years experience achieving real results for diverse populations and communities

After graduating from Columbia College (BA 1983) and Duke Law School (JD 1987), I launched a career in public service in locales as varying as Brooklyn and White Plains, Suffolk and Chenango Counties. I have mobilized and organized grassroots efforts to fight for social justice and I have taken important legal issues to the lofty courtrooms of the NYS Appellate Division and the State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. My commitment to serving real people and achieving real results has resulted in an array of successes both inside and outside the courtrooms of New York.

For example, I served as a not-for-profit founder and Board President for the Duke Public Interest Law Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars since 1988 on behalf of law student summer jobs in the public sector. I also created Safety, Inc.: Men & Women Against Violence, and I ran the NYC Clothesline Project, an initiative for survivors of abuse, violence and trauma, for a period of five years. Additionally, I served as Chairman and Commissioner for the Mamaroneck, NY Harbor & Coastal Zone Management Commission for three years. I achieved these successes while also honing my skills in the courtroom and establishing a litigation practice focused on appellate advocacy, indigent criminal defense, children’s rights, and zealous advocacy for parents caught up in the child welfare system.


From 2009-2020 I was a certified attorney for children in the Westchester County Family Court system, representing kids of all ages in a wide variety of cases involving abuse, neglect, domestic violence, mental illness and more. I developed my private law practice upon this foundation of serving real people and real solutions. My three and a half decade resume of hard work and achievement benefits you, the client. If you need a lawyer who is seasoned, serious and intent on getting at the root of the problem, you want a lawyer with the depth of experience to devise a winning strategy that puts your case in its proper context. A lawyer who knows the value of an effective legal strategy. A lawyer who can get you to the result that you dreamed of. A lawyer who fights for justice, and who wins.

So pick up the phone today and contact Carl D. Birman at 518-952-0516 to discuss your case. Or click on the link at the bottom of this page to contact us immediately for assistance.


My wife and I have been working on a Child Custody Case with Carl for some time now. Yes, it’s a slow process especially when the Court system, and or rather certain Judges, seem to only want to attempt to reunite absentee biological parents with children who literally do not know them or who they even are. Carl is a straight shooter and has the knowledge as well as the ability to do what needs to be done when it comes to this or any Court case or trial.

Carl is very passionate about what he does, how well he does it, and truly has a heart, and it certainly shows when we speak either in person or over the phone. I must sign this anonymously due to the nature of our up and coming trial and ongoing court case but I feel that that is an injustice to Carl, and for that I do apologize. One day, sooner rather than later I hope, I will edit this to include my full name and contact information because I truly believe in Carl and will tell anyone who is hesitant myself.


When I retained Carl Birman to handle my family court matter, my family was in crisis. My son had been kidnapped and abducted across the country by his mother. To make matters worse, I was being accused of heinous acts that never happened. My son’s mother fabricated these horrific stories due to her own mental illness, creating a false narrative used by family court to gain a tactical advantage against me and against my son’s best interests.

I was desperate and in complete despair. Carl believed in me and knew I was right. Thanks to Carl’s determined advocacy, this nightmare was turned around. I went from not being able to see my son at all and being constantly investigated by Child Protective Services, to gaining exclusive custody of my precious son. His mother was restricted for many years to therapeutic supervised visitation. Order in my son’s life was restored. Carl Birman is the man that ushered this change in custody, therefore protecting my son’s young life. Thanks to Carl, my boy is thriving to this very day.

Carl also handled my divorce from my son’s mother and did so in a professional and fair manner. He was with me every step of the way. I cannot recommend highly enough the services of Carl Birman. If you are in crisis and need the help of an experienced litigator who truly cares and fights for you, Mr. Birman is the one. Realistic and fair, he knows the law and prepares for each court appearance with grit and determination. Best of all, he wins. 


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